Nizhónígo Nee Ado’ááł (Have a beautiful day)

Patrick Willie is a local American Indian who Hoop Dances competitively. He was taught many past Title VI students how to hoop dance and currently helps our Title VI Parent Committee with regalia projects. He volunteered his time and talent to 27 different schools in honor of Native American Heritage Month in November 2017. Some of the schools he volunteered at were in Nebo School District, primarily at Elementary schools. He does not have his own transportation, so he biked (200 plus miles) to a majority of these presentations.

He presented at Riverview Elementary during the month of November to the Kindergarten classes. A current kindergartener who attended Patrick's presentation said, "It was really cool", and she went on to add, "My whole class was smiling while he danced." It's wonderful to see positive role models making a difference in the education of our youth.

Congrats to Rose Quintana (Nebo School District/Title VI Alumni) for receiving a $10.000 grant from the Running Strong Organization to use towards the Nebo Title VI Program. We are so proud of you, and excited for the wonderful activities you have planned for Title VI Youth and Families! Here is the full list of 2018-2019 Dream Starter Receptions. 


Last Thursday, students and families across Nebo School District gathered at Larsen Elementary to learn about Native American culture and history. This event included something for the whole family. For the adults and teens, featured guest speaker Julius Chavez captured the audience's attention with his knowledge and expertise about Native American origin stories and constellation stories. He performed several songs and explained the meaning behind those songs. For the children, there was warm fluffy frybread to enjoy, and they were able to see a demonstration of the origin of the cradleboard (a board to which an infant is strapped into). Overall the event provided entertainment, performances, yummy food, and good company.

Over 50 students from various Junior High and High School showed up to the event. Many students brought a close friend with them or their parents. A majority of the students who came to the event came from Maple Mountain High School.

Nebo Title VI Parent Committee and community members we able to make over 100 Indian Tacos for patrons of this event, and spent a lot of time outside of this event preparing the food, and organizing the event. As always, Brenda Beyal amazed those in attendance with her magical frybread making skills. All the proceeds from this event are going towards our scholarship fund. So far, the Nebo Title VI Program has given away 40 scholarships over the years.

Current and alumni Title VI students performed several different songs and stories for the event. Some songs included the "Navajo Puppy Song", "Who Is My Mother", and an original song written by Rosebud Quintana called, "Be Proud of Who You Are." Some dances included Navajo Basket and Navajo Sashbelt Dance. All of the students who participated and performed did a wonderful job.

A special thank you to all the Elementary and Secondary Teachers who announced this event in their classrooms and even allowed their students to get extra credit for attending. Also, thank you so much to the many community members who donated their time, and even donated food for the Indian Taco Sale. It was truly a group effort that made this event possible. 

Please take a look at the video below. Spanish Fork Channel 17 flimed this event, and highlighted some aspects of the night. 

(more pictures available)

Student Leadership Celebration

When: Monday, March 19, 2018
Time: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: UVU Campus

Title VI Programs and USBE have been planning this event for almost a year to recognize and honor American Indian Students who have excelled in various categories such as academics, community service, athletics, leadership, art, language, culture and securing scholarships. Families and community members are invited to this important event celebrating regional Title VI programs and Nebo School District student
accomplishments. Along with the awards ceremony, we will have educational break-out sessions to educate and inspire all who attend, lunch will be served. We need to get an accurate count of those attending so please RSVP to Eileen or to your Title VI Representative (Natalie, Analysa, Shoshana or Brenda). We will make plans for transportation as soon as we know how many are going.

Nebo Title VI is excited to announce that our Scholarship Application is now available. Download here

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Native American, Alaska Native as determined by Federal 506 Identification form
  • A senior in the Nebo School District
  • Will be attending an accredited college/university or technical/vocational school in the fall
  • GPA above 3.0 is desirable, however, all aspects of this application will be weighted.
  • Scholarship can only be used for tuition and books
  • This scholarship is a one time, non-renewable scholarship

Include with your Application:

  • Photo: 4x6 color photo of yourself (Original print, no photocopies, and sign the back of your photo)
  • Essay: It should include information about you, service to community, family, and tribe, leadership in school and community. Explain why you chose the school you will be attending an area of study. Include your academic and career goals along with personal future plans. Describe why you feel you need this scholarship and how you plan to give back to your community. Length: Do not exceed 2 pages or be less than one-page double-spaced, 12 pt. font only
  • Recent transcript – does not have to be official

Nebo Title VI strongly encourages all Native American or Alaskan Native seniors to apply for this scholarship. Good luck to all who apply. 

Nebo Title VI will be holding a Story Telling Night on February 22, 2018. This event will be held at Larsen Elementary at 6:00-8:30 pm. Julius Chavez will be our featured speaker. Our Nebo Title VI Performing Arts group will share constellations stories, and perform some songs. This is an event for the whole family. 

The Title VI Parent Committee will be holding an authentic Indian Taco Sale in order to raise money for scholarships. Indian Tacos will be $7 a plate or $30 for a family of five. Please attend if you can. it should be a fun night filled with cultural enrichment, and yummy food. If you would like to donate food for the Taco Sale, please sign up here.

Extra Credit for Junior and High School students is available based on teacher's approval. For more information on this event, please view this flyer

(more pictures available)

On Monday, Nebo Title VI students had the opportunity to visit the Utah State Capitol. Students in attendance were from various Junior High and High Schools in Nebo School District. Many students were able to meet local legislatures and tribal leaders. Students were also fortunate enough to be able to see the "Go West" exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. The field trip was a wonderful learning experience for all the students, and the Nebo Title VI Program is truly grateful for the parents who took time out of their day to spend the day at the Utah State Capitol with their children.

Eileen Quintana Thoughts on the Field Trip:

"We took 26 students on this trip to the capitol. Three of our students Canyon Haveron - SHHS, Ciera Alldredge PHS, Alfredo Quintana MMHS, job shadowed Senators and Representative for the day, which gave them an inside look into the process of lawmaking.

Those that didn't "shadow" were able to tour the capitol including the "Telling My Utah Story" exhibit, we had the opportunity to meet and talk with our legislator Senator Henderson about issues that are of
concern for our community. Students enjoyed seeing the artwork, sitting in the balcony where bills are passed into law, many of our students had not visited the capitol before so it was fun to see their

The American Indian Caucus Day gathering took place right next door under the supervision of the Director of Division of Indian Affairs, Shirlee Silversmith and her staff. They made the arrangements for shadowing for us. As Nebo students entered the tribal leader's assembly, we were honored to have Navajo Nation Vice President Jonathon Nez address our students with a special talk about responsibilities of future leaders! Goshute tribal Chairman Rupert Steele offered a prayer and blessed Nebo students on stage at this
tribal leaders conference. We met and ate with Utah tribal leaders and delegates, they were very happy to see young Native American youth participating in this event. I think what I kept hearing over and over
from different people was this simple observation that I heard upon arrival "It warms my heart to see our youth showing up to an event like this and participating, your tribe needs you."

Our field trip was informative and an important teaching experience, we are currently tracking bills in the after-school lab that will impact our Native communities. Director Silversmith made arrangements for our students to visit the Museum of Fine Arts which is usually closed on Mondays, but they opened it for our students to see the "Go West" exhibit, art of the American Frontier from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. This exhibit examines the development and disruption of the American West through more than eighty original artworks by Euro-American and Plains Indian artists!  We had a BLAST, thank you for making this possible!"

Eileen Quintana
Program Manager 

"As part of the New Nation Project series of events, the Dept. of Heritage & Arts is hosting a high school student letter-writing contest. Students grades 9-12 are encouraged to submit a letter to their elected official through the online form at Every letter will teach it's intended official, and qualifying letters will be entered into a random drawing for the chance to win a ticket to see the Broadway hit "Hamilton". The goal is to get young people engaged in the civic process. The contest closes Feb. 20th." 

-Sarina V. Ehrgott (Marketing & Communications Manager, Utah Department of Heritage & Arts)