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Navajo Language Class

For those students who are interested, here is the registration link and flyer for Navajo Language class!

Indian Education Title VII programs now fall under Title VI or ESSA signed by President Obama on December 10, 2015.

"ESSA, signed into law by President Obama on December 10, reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Actof 1965, a piece of civil rights legislation meant to protect the nation’s most vulnerable children. ESSA replaces the 2001No Child Left Behind Act and shifts much of the responsibility for elementary and secondary education from the federal government to the states."

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CAMP EAGLE Soars Into Second Week!!
(more pictures available)

Camp Eagle being held this year at Sierra Bonita Elementary in Spanish Fork has shifted into high gear for the second week.  Updates on the this week's happenings:

Arts class with Brenda Beyal - students are making their own flutes out of PVC pipe.  They are designing and sanding.  All the students have been so diligent in their flute making.  Did you know the flute is consider the third oldest instrument in the world after the drum and rattle.  All three are imporant parts of Native American music and ceremony.

Science with Cory Sam - Cardboard challenge is here!  Students are using their creativity, imagination, problem solving, visual spatial intelligence to build their projects.  Get ready to see the finished results next week.  Some would call it messing around, others would call it real life learning and knowledge building. 

Special Guest this Tuesday is Donna Eldridge, outreach coordinator for the School of Medicine at the University of Utah.  She has introduced the students to the excitement and joy of STEM learning.  Thank you to Donna.  

Math/Reading with Shoshana Begay - Students are brushing up on their math and reading skills through games and reading.  Shoshana reads a book everyday to discuss themes and ideas with students.  We encourge all students to spend some time reading every day.

7-12th with Eileen Quintana - We apologize at this time for the constant flute playing that is mostly likely being done at home, well, not really.  Students are learning how to play flutes, learning about culture and even speaking some Navajo.  

P.E. with Christy Thompson - so much fun being outdoors playing games.  This has always been an important part of Camp Eagle.  Love to see kids laughing and playing together. 

Early morning dance classes with high school students- all those that attend are learning so much about dancing and are gearing up for the end of school Pow Wow.  

Coming up:

Field trip on Friday.  Families are invited to come to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.  We have covered the entrance fee.  Just bring your family and enjoy an outing.  Bring a lunch.  This is a famly activity.  Let us know if you plan on coming. 

Camp Eagle staff says thank you for your participation. 


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