Sadie Melton, MMHS Graduate

Brenda Beyal

Sadie Melton is a graduating senior from Maple Mountain High School. She is Aleut/Caucasian and a treasure to each lineage. Her family and friends describe her as funny, kind to everyone, beautiful and easy going. She is also hardworking, dedicated and a great problem solver. If you are lucky to be her friend, you are a friend for life. Sadie loves to cook in her free time, especially bake, her family and neighbors are often the recipients of delectable goodies. When she is not baking, she loves to hang out with friends or read a good book.  Her favorite movies are the Harry Potter movies.

Seth Sandoval- Maple Mountain High School


Seth is a senior at Maple Mountain High School. He is Ute/Navajo.  People describe Seth as nice, loyal artistic and a hard worker.  If you know Seth, you are probably nodding your head right now in agreement.  He enjoys reading and drawing. His artwork has been featured in the literary magazine at MMHS and all of his art teachers consider him “gifted.”  We do too.  His favorite show is Gotham and he can pretty much quote the movie.  

Jonathan Pierce - Spanish Fork High School


Jonathan Pierce is a senior at Spanish Fork High School.  He has split his time this year between there and ALC in Springville.  Where ever he is, people describe him as someone who can light up the place with his smile, sense of humor and kindness.  He  loves to go hiking and running. His favorite show is an anime called “Fairy Tail.”

Callie John - Spanish Fork High School


Callie is a senior at Spanish Fork High School.  She is Alakan Native/Dine’.  People would describe Callie as an adventurer and having wanderlust in her veins, she is always searching for her next adventure. And, she is willing to work long hours to finance her next escapade. She loves the show Criminal Minds and food in general, she especially loves the two together.

Tinisha Rose Quintana

Photo by Eileen Quintana

Tinisha Rose Quintana is the daughter of Richard and Eileen Quintana.  She is Navajo/Ute and is a senior at Maple Mountain High School. Her friends describe her as crazy, “savage,” funny and friendly.  In her free time she likes to do art, play strategy games and sports.  Her favorite sports are soccer and lacrosse.  And her favorite subject in school is Art. Jethro Gillespie has been an awesome art mentor for her.  She was able to show a piece in the High School Art Show at the Springville Museum of Art this past winter.

Raven Sky Billie - Maple Mountain High School

Meet Raven Billie, a senior at Maple Mountain High School.  Raven is Navajo/Caucasian.  She is the daughter of Natalie and Monte Billie.  Her friends describe her as funny, shy and athletic. She loves to play soccer and is very good at it.  Soccer is her favorite sport.  She hopes to go into the medical field, maybe that's why her favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy.  Raven likes all kinds of foods but sushi.  Her color of choice is sea foam green.

Chelsea Thompson - Maple Mountain High School

Photo by Christy Thompson

Chelsea will soon be graduating from Maple Mountain High School.  She is 3/4 Navajo and 1/4 Caucasian. Her parents are Darrick and Christy Thompson. Those who know her would say she is helpful, energetic, chill and random.   She likes to draw, listen to music and spend time with family and friends.

Oyate Tubby - Senior

Oyate Tubby

Oyate is one of two seniors to graduate the first term of the school year.  And the first for our program to spotlight.  She is deligtful and full of enthusiasm and energy. I asked Oyate to write a little about herself: